DIY Blackboard Sticker


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  • Easy to place on any smooth surface and have instructions on the back on how to place them.
  • They remove without taking paint off the wall so perfect for renters or dorm dwellers
  • If you use our liquid chalk pens or chalk you can wipe it off.
  • Their large size means they can be cut down to size precisely with the gridlines on the back of the sticker.
  • They can easily be attached with other panels to make a larger one (or you can request larger custom sizes)
  • They are very child friendly

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The world is your chalkboard. It is the simple and most flexible decor piece you will ever own.

This is the piece which is the hero of every home, room or business when it comes to practical interior looks and you leave telling your friends about this one thing that you must have. We create our blackboards for you to use your inner designer to cut it, create it, draw it, and let your flair for style go wild.

Get creative and use our DIY Blackboard Stickers to turn your fridge door or kitchen walls into grocery lists or recipe menus, to-do lists, calendars or family message boards. Stick on a mirror, picture frame, or that space next to your office space for motivating inspirationals. It’s the perfect way to add unique personality to a space in a safe and temporary way.

There are 1001 ways to use our blackboard pieces to your benefit. Just take a look at our Design Journal or Instagram page for proof of the simple, quick and easy projects you can do to not only make something look good, but also be practical.

And what’s more, most of the ways the blackboard sticker is used can be made in a matter of minutes without having to hunt for endless amounts of materials. It’s the perfect DIY weekend project that can be done in between breakfast and coffee.

Check out our video on how to use these blackboard stickers.

Sticker Size

45x200cm, 60x200cm

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  1. 2 out of 5

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