Blackboard Table Runner


  • Perfect for dinner tables or work tables
  • Can be used as place marker or even as a daily ‘to-do’ list
  • Easy to place on any smooth surface and have instructions on the back on how to place them.
  • You can choose to stick on the table or leave the backing on to remove when you want
  • Easy to wipe liquid chalk or normal chalk off and can clean any stains off with water
  • Their large size means they can be cut down to size precisely with the gridlines on the back.

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Posting Europe wide.

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This Blackboard Table Runner is the perfect addition to your dinner table or work bench. You can use it to entertain friends with jokes, mark places for those dinner parties where a seat is reserved, or just use it to scratch down that quick note or phone number you need to remember.
You can use the free chalk you get with each purchase or you can use our liquid chalk pens to get the job done. And when you want to wipe it away, just use a bit of water and it is ready to use again.
You can also choose to use the adhesive part on the back of the roll to stick it on your table, or just use it temporarily for those special occasions.
Check out our video on how we use it:

Sticker Size

45x200cm, 60x200cm


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