Blackboard never-forget labels



What is good about our labels?

  • These easy to use labels and come in different styles
  • they are provide the perfect stylish solution to labelling all your storage items.
  • Peel and stick the label to your container and your ready to go.
  • You can use any kind of chalk, from regular to liquid chalk, to write on the label.
  • When it comes time to reorganising things you can simply wipe the label with a wet cloth and re-write whatever you like.
  • The labels can be reused multiple times to organize and personalize any space in your home from the kitchen to the kids’ bedrooms.

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Don’t you hate it when you can’t find what you’re looking for? You might have taken the step of putting everything away in containers, but you don’t know what container it is in.

We have the solution with our Blackboard Never-Forget labels. Your space, whether it be work or at home, will be a home decor designer piece and well-organised with these easy-to-use labels. We all love to be organised, and let’s face it, sometimes that is a little bit difficult to get to. So with our labels you can use and reuse just by cleaning off the label and writing something new on it.

Check out our video on how to use them:


One Shape, Three Shapes


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