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DIY: Your World Map, Your Wall

Our World Maps have been getting a lot of attention recently and not just through online sales but at markets and from our Instagram. So we thought a Youtube video on how we put up our world maps was well overdue.

In this instance, we wanted to have a world map in our new apartment and the only suitable place was on our cupboard which brought the challenge of how to place it over the doors. No problem though, we just used a sharp paper cutter to slice down the cracks of the doors and folded the decal in. It worked out quite well.

As you can see in our demonstration, we used our train cards to ensure the map sticks onto the transfer paper and then onto the doors. This really helps with the application of the world map sticker and saves any potential problems and time.

Enjoy our video we made for you, and don’t forget to give it a share with someone who you think might like on of these in their room or house.

Oh, and by the way, we will be giving one of these away for free very soon on our Facebook, so make sure you like our page and stay tuned for our up and coming promotion.


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