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We have been digging around the house recently getting rid of old things in an attempt to save space. But we are also a little bit sustainable so we have been trying to refresh items to make them more contemporary. One thing we do have is a lot of picture frames which for some reason we don’t use. As we do we got to work and found two really nice ways you can refresh your old picture frames and give them a second life.

To make it simple, we’ve included our Youtube video in this post below so you can follow along with us.

The materials you need for this DIY entry are:

How did you go? Have you given your picture frames a second life? If you did, why not take a picture and send us an example?

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  • We’ve already done the blackboard paint one but seeing the sticker we think it might look a lot nicer.

    We also used a much larger frame for ours and put it in the kitchen to write shopping lists on it 😀


Let us know what you think...

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