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DIY Blackboard Globe Calendar

One of our followers sent in a cool idea of repainting an old cheap world globe with a blackboard cover and writing and drawing different illustrations and quotes on it. We decided to take this step a little bit further with a use for the busy worker with a daily chalkboard organiser approach: the blackboard globe weekly calendar.

This was one of our cheapest DIYs yet. We picked up the globe at a second-hand store for three euro (about USD$3.30) and used our own blackboard paint with it (not yet available online). Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

  • 1x 250ml tin of blackboard paint (€7/USD$7.74)
  • second hand world globe (€3)
  • paint brush (€1.10/USD$1.22)
  • a little bit of tape

Total was under €12

DIY time: 30 minutes.


On the left is our simple (cheap) untouched globe. Our first step was to tape the top and bottom of the globe so as to only apply the paint to the globe and not any of the supporting parts that hold it and allow it to freely turn. You can see our tapings on the right.

Next apply the first coating of paint. We applied two coatings so as to keep the consistency. We let the first layer dry and then applied another one. This keeps a thick coating to prevent visible scratches and such.

After the two layers had dried, we peeled off the leftover tape that had been placed. Next we divided the globe into five pieces to make sure we had an equal space for each day of the week and we drew a line on the horizontal part of the globe to seperate the top from the bottom.

For the last bit, try your own designs for the days of the week

Check out our video below of our cool globe. We had this on display at our pop up store recently and it received so much attention.

If you know someone who would like this share it with them. And if you have any DIY suggestions for us, let us know in the comment section below.


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  • Cool project. I just picked up one of these at a store around the corner and am going to start it this weekend!


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