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Our Cafe of the Week: Black & Bloom

What a week, King’s Day, obstacle runs, weekend races, oh, and that thing called work. Now we’re given some amazing sunlight in the Netherlands to enjoy the outdoors, the park, and our favourite: cafe spotting. And this week, we’ve chosen our favourite coffee specialist: Black & Bloom.

We are following the bean trail to Black & Bloom in Groningen which every coffee lover we know has recommended.. Everyone told us about their foreign beans, speciality blends, and cosy environment so we had to check it out.

When we first walked into Black & Bloom we fell in love with two things right up front. First, the front door of the cafe states its rule for no laptops. We like that as we’re pretty serious about our coffee and, to be honest, we enjoy cafes for the break away from the computer. Second, behind the bar is a world map with the locations of different beans available. So we’re pretty hyped to see a trendy product we sell being used.

Now down to the important stuff, the coffee. We stayed faithful to the pure espresso we usually go for with a Burundi Kayanza honey blend bean. At the time we went they also had Rwandan, Kenyan and Columbian blends available, which makes us think the owners really take an investment in time and research when looking for who’s beans to serve.

This is what makes Black & Bloom a great cafe, it’s not just a cup of coffee for them, it’s an art form by a barista, a family farm product from Columbia, a chance for young local graduates to work in a great industry and an investment in sustainable bean washing stations, all by the purchase of a cup of coffee. Black & Bean’s website goes into detail on the story of each of the beans they stock and the process to farm them, which you can read here.

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The shop also sells bags of these foreign beans so if you’re a specialist home brewer, it’s a shop for you to pickup some very different beans. As a side to the spectacular coffee great cookies and brownies available to supplement your caffeine conversations.

What we like best about our cafes is always that designer and boutique look to make them stand out from the rest, this one doesn’t really have to do that. While they have a very comfortable interior and great places to relax on your own or with company, it’s the serious coffee knowledge, skill and appreciation that drives us, and what seems to be most others to Black & Bloom.

We recommend you check this one out if you’re in Groningen, and enjoy it if you do. Do you have a friend who is serious about their coffee? Let them know by tagging them in the comment section or share this post and get them hyped up on a triple shot of excitement.




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