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Behind the Scenes

Who Are We?

 We are a team from both sides of the world, the Netherlands and Australia and prioritise innovation, use and happiness with everything we create.

We are that little store that gets excited each time something is bought. We care about our products and designs and the way they impact the world, we hope you will join us.

Kayleigh de Ruiter

Benjamin Strick

Our Story

The first thing we look at when we walk into a restaurant, cafe, store, or even a friend’s place, is what the interior looks like. We are believers in expression, which is why we care so much about our products.

As a bootstrapped idea we started We Should Chalk in 2016 while we were in Vietnam. We took influences from innovative designers there, Australia and in the Netherlands inspiring us to create what we think is a talk piece, or ‘chalk piece’ of We Should Chalk.

Our aim when we started this company was to make cool things that people would love, and have a lot of fun doing it all in the world of DIYs. We haven’t stopped.

Join us as we, just a little entrepreneurial business, makes an impact on the world while having fun and producing cool things.

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